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Marius Jooste and Jacques Steyn founded the Quinxi business in 2008, and joined forces after several years of business consulting with a number of consultancies, throughout the earlier chapters of their respective careers.


Marius Jooste is one of the founders of the Quinxi group of businesses. He is a graduate Industrial Engineer (University of Pretoria) with almost twenty years of relevant consulting experience across multiple industries in South Africa. Marius is a member of the Southern African Institute of Industrial Engineering and accredited practitioner of business process optimisation and project management methodologies. He is a qualified facilitator, trainer and moderator. Marius has led a variety of teams and has been responsible for crafting solutions for numerous clients, in various industries. His primary areas of expertise include reengineering of strategy, processes, people and systems within the following main sectors: financial services, banking, central banking, education, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.


Glenn Hartell joined the company in 2018 and brought a wealth of experience to the Quinxi family, earned and attained through over twenty-five years in the Automotive, Manufacturing and Aviation industries. Glenn started his career in electronics, and has furthered his academic background in the fields of process engineering and business management. He has managed a number of companies throughout his career and brings to the fold a strong network, vast technical experience and a measure of calm and seniority which balances the mostly young, vibrant and energetic nature of the Quinxi machine.


Jacques Steyn is the other Quinxi founder member and is a graduate with a B.Com (RAU), B.Compt Honours (UNISA) and CTA. He has more than twenty-five years worth of experience in the auditing, consulting and business optimisation industry. Jacques is an expert in data engineering and in the application of systems engineering methodologies to create solutions for clients. Jacques has international experience at all corporate levels of business and has operated at director level for three companies that he previously worked for. Jacques is a seasoned presenter and facilitator with extensive consulting experience in the fields of enterprise architecture, business engineering, systems design and implementation, meta consulting and method building.

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