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Customer Value Management

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The CVM Framework

Our CVM Gap Assessment forms part of our Customer Value Management Framework and is a crucial first step in determining the recommended areas and priority in which focus is required.


This assessment compares the business’ current capability against a variety of industry leading practices that has proven to show results in CVM. The assessment result shows a gap between the business’ current capability and the industry leading practices, and each area is assessed and scored.


The output provides our clients with valuable insights, and more importantly, clear next steps to systematically track and execute on their CVM vision and the needed deliverables which would impact and improve their Customer Management eco-system.

Components of the Gap Assessment

The CVM Gap Assessment will assess the business' current capability against industry leading CVM standards, categorised in the sections.


Each section contains a few component areas, which will be covered in our step-by-step process. The sections look at two viewpoints, firstly the insights and enabling philosophy regarding CVM in the organisation, whilst the second section looks at the efforts and activity across the customer life-cycle.

Investment Chart
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Completing the assessment

The CVM gap assessment is a facilitated journey, conducted as a step-by-step process by our experienced and passionate CVM solutioneers.


The process will include assessment, discussion and debate around various aspects of the sections mentioned beforehand. Each question will be a line on our assessment template, and the inputs and discussion points on each of these lines are assessed, and all comments and feedback is duly recorded.

CVM Gap Assesment Sections


Current knowledge, thinking and efforts aroudn CVM - including management insights. Defining loss, ideal customers, segmentation and loyalty


Following a process of creating a culture that supports good customer service with a focus on long term customer retentions.


Is the product designed in such a way that it can support customer longevity. Do the features and benefits support customer stickines.


Does the business have access to or create the tools required to accelerate retention outcomes.

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