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A business meeting


"The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity." 

- Keith Ferrazzi

At Quinxi we believe in the power of networking - creating a community of professionals that together can leverage their own unique skills and expertise, and share their industry positioning to create revenue and other opportunities in a mutually beneficial manner. We do not believe in creating relationships for the purpose of evading responsibility or window-dressing, but we do embrace the power of the collective in terms of doing business in an ever-increasing collaborative environment to the benefit of all stakeholders – clients, experts and governors alike.


Within the professional and ethical boundaries of the above we endeavour to provide collaborative solutions that are specifically tailor-made to extract the optimal benefit for all players within an optimally structured risk framework on an engagement-by-engagement basis.


We specifically differentiate ourselves from other companies that either provides a billing vehicle or pure financial administrative service to contractors or typical human resource recruitment and placement services to clients by establishing and offering the following to our business partners:


  • To our staff, consultants, staff on contingent contracts and our associate contractors, who together constitute our ever-expanding network of consulting professionals:

  • Access within the network to a broad base of knowledge, expertise and support in all areas related to the undertaking and completion of project-based consulting services and products

  • A common platform for marketing and client engagement to provide more security in terms of potential projects and placements. This includes:

  1. QuinXi Group Website, Social Media, Recruitment Partners, Sales Channels and Agents

  2. Single point-of-contact Branding & Marketing Initiatives

  3. Inter-network References and Placement Rewards

  4. Library of Project and other related Documentation Standards

  • A full range of Back Office services including Business and Personal Administration, Financial & Taxation Services and Project Auxiliary Services (e.g. Design, Printing, Logistics)

  • Access to best practice Methodology and Project-related Training & Mentoring Programmes

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

- Henry Ford

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