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As Industrial Engineers we draw across a number of methodologies and techniques to deliver better value to our clients. The aim is to strike the right balance between your organisation’s people, processes and other resources, which in turn contributes to your organisation being competitive and sustainable within today's turbulent business landscape.


Industrial Engineering lays the core foundation of Quinxi’s process offerings. With methods such as BPR, TOC, Lean Six Sigma in our arsenal, we will ensure that a methodical, lean, process-driven and optimiser mentality is at the core of any engagement or solution.


We combine Industrial Engineering with business analysis, project management and change management to ensure that any engagement is based on an analytical, methodical and structured foundation. Our company is built on solid industrial engineering practices, and we have a number of qualified and experienced industrial engineers in our midst.


Quinxi is actively involved with the Industrial Engineering faculty at the University of Pretoria. Our relationship has been built from engagements with their student branch of the South African Institute of Industrial Engineers (SAIIE), offering final year projects to students, as well as junior recruitment of their graduates.


We see Business engineering as consists of three disciplines, the definition and utilisation of an Enterprise Architecture, solid Project Management and effective Change Management. The ability to dissect the business into functional, process specific, and enablement technology layers across a number of dimensions is a core Quinxi skill.


The set of Quinxi methods and the applied knowledge and expertise within the Quinxi network allows Quinxi to engage with clients on various levels of Enterprise Architecture responsibility (Analysis, Design or Implementation). Senior staff at Quinxi have over twenty years of Business Architecture and Business engineering experience and this will be infused into any project or engagement that we participate in.


Using hand-picked methods from a suite of best practice business engineering methodologies we ensure that any technology solution is not only selected off the shelf, or built with a few loose-standing requirements thrown together, but actually founded in solid methodical precision. Quinxi’s core methods are based on the Infomet methodology which is a world-renowned Information and Systems engineering method.


One of the most powerful areas of improvement and optimisation is that of process engineering and re-engineering. Enabled by analysis, measurement, and understanding of the effectiveness of established business processes. The analysed findings are measured and benchmarked against internal and external best practices to define design considerations that ensure strategic differentiation and operational efficiency.


Quinxi relies on background and experience in the fields of industrial engineering and business engineering. These disciplines infuse and engagement and is visible in the various process engagements that Quinxi provide (Modelling and documentation, requirements elicitation, business analysis & design, establishing a business process management frameworks, business process engineering & re-engineering)


Quinxi has extensive experience in various process modelling methodologies, notations and techniques (Use Case diagrams and UML, Activity Diagrams, BPMN, Infomet, IBM Swimlane, IDEF0, and Object Interface Diagrams (OID), using various tools and technologies.


An integral part of the Quinxi approach is the utilisation and harnessing of technology as an enabler. We have an affinity and knack for understanding and enabling technology, and we make sure that we broker your needs in your technological world.


We add value through :

  • Delivering "Fact-based Steering" through the application of a solid data architecture and analytics capability

  • Defining and building an aligned Enterprise Architecture, integrating Business, Process, Data & Technology components across the eco-system

  • Delivering “Big Data” and Business Intelligence Solutions through the application of Information & Systems Engineering methodologies

  • Implementing and Integrating our partner technologies and solutions


Core to each business initiative is alignment to a pre-defined set of strategic goals and/or a strategic vision, and understanding the road-map of initiatives and their interdependencies. In engagements where these strategic enablers and strategic desired outcomes have been pre-defined the Quinxi engagement takes place within the demarcated context.


In other cases where the need is established to define, revamp or re-engineer a specific strategic theme or an enterprise strategy Quinxi assist their clients with this arduous but thoroughly liberating and value-adding activity. Quinxi believe that a strategy is not only about developing or defining your strategy.


It is not a bunch of disparate theories or MBA jargon. It is not a golden spoon, Holy Grail, or silver bullet. Quinxi believe that strategy is about packaging your strategy into a coherent storyboard.


As a stand-alone service or a component of a mission critical project, Quinxi offers Programme and Project management as part of their repertoire.

Specialist project and programme managers are available throughout the Quinxi network (aligned and accredited to most standards PMP, Prince2, DevOps, Scrum, Agile, etc) and most Quinxi resources have an imprinted sense of structure and method, aligning themselves to formal structures without issue.

We have experience both from an execution and from a training/mentoring point of view in Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid methods and have been part of implementations of PMO’s, DevOps and Scrum/Agile capabilities across the industry.

We can help you set up a PMO / SPMO, or we can add our expertise to optimise and enhance the workings of your own capabilities.


Quinxi, through their partnership with QuinRs and other trusted associates in the recruitment and training space, helps businesses to assess and address specific human resource requirements (staff, temps, etc.), and ensure adequate resourcing in specific areas.

Quinxi has a resourcing department which is led by individuals with vast experience in human resources, recruitment and selection, as well as consulting.

We also help transform enterprises by delivering results and solutions that are both measurable and sustainable.

Our solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the client’s organisation, expertise in functional and management disciplines and an unreserved pledge to achieve lasting solutions.

Typical engagements include:

  • Continuity and Contingency Planning

  • Skills Audits

  • Sourcing and Recruitment

Utilising our deep experience, Quinxi helps clients navigate through the many pitfalls and minefields of resource related optimisations and analyses, not only in terms of understanding the problem, but also to recommend and implement the solution.

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.  But we can understand the Universe.  And we can understand your business. That makes us something very special.”

– Marius Jooste (Paraphrasing Stephen Hawking)

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